Broken Chain!

Today was the first time in my long cycling life that I needed a ride home. I broke my chain. Not because I’m super powerful, but because I was too lazy to check my bike before the ride. I have an all in 1 tool that normally lives in my saddle bag, but I took it out for the everest ride and it must still be in the trunk of my car. Criminy!

My chain was clicking right from the start of the ride and I figured it was a worn cassette, and tried to avoid the gears that were skipping. As the ride went on, I noticed that just about any gear was skipping, but I didn’t put 2 + 2 together. Maybe I need to watch Ko’s Journey ( and get a refresher on my basic math skills.

I was out HWY 518 just outside of Taos and like many places here, there was no cell reception, so I had to walk and coast for 9 or so miles. Fortunately, it was mostly a downhill coasting journey to cell reception. My lovely wife, world renowned nutritionist and health care advocate Michelle Corey, was kind enough to come and get me!

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