Back At It!

Back home from my weekend in Boston and straight to the pool. It’s only 5 years old and build at the youth center, with a skateboard park in back and an ice rink to the east. I keep thinking I’ll lace up my old skatea one day, grab my stick and slide around the rink, but it has yet to happen.

Swimming today was great – 3 sets of 6×50 on 60 seconds each of the 50’s was 40 seconds or under. I was breathing hard! I’m now in good enough swimming shape that I can push myself enough to breath hard – kind of exciting. I did do 1×50 for time and came in just under 35. I still can’t hold my stroke together for 100 yards, but that will come. For now I’m having fun with my sets of 50’s, working on my stroke, trying to figure it out again after a long layoff.

After the swim it was a light lunch. (I had a brief conversation with Dave Scott and he said he would be completely disheartened if I were to get fat or chubby – so I’ll keep my lunches light. I would hate to be responsible for Dave’s disheartenment.)

Afterwards I went for my longest run in the last couple of years – 45 mins – with 4 short tempo accelerations – about a minute 45 each. My running is coming along slowly too, and there is no hurry what so ever. Good thing too, because you can’t force your fitness without causing problems. You have to do what you can, no more.

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