Traveling Man

Hello from the road again! I’m bound for Tempe AZ to watch Jordan race (defend) IMAZ.

I didn’t feel like packing yesterday so I rushed through it this morning. Hopefully I didn’t forget anything. But I should be able to do without anything I forgot for a month.

The drive is almost 9 hours and I seem to be alright with these long drives I’m doing lately. For years I would avoid the car at all cost and walk or ride where ever I wanted to go. Now however I want to go places that are quite far away! So luckily for me I’m quite relaxed behind the wheel.

I turned off I40 in Holbrook and drove through Payson on the way. It was a beautiful road, far more so than the interstate, a two laner through the wooded hills. The sky was incredible as the sun was setting running through the gamut of colors the desert sky does most every evening. Of course when you’re driving into it, you can’t see a darn thing except the lovely colors in the sky. Fortunately we all stayed in our proper lanes and didn’t run into each other. I was secretly hoping my car would shut down and all electrical devices would stop working and I would get to meet some beings from a different place, but not this trip. I guess I’ll have to wait until I travel back to Taos for that. Oh, there was close to a full moon, so that must be the reason. It has to be completely dark for abductions.

It was however too dark to take pictures with my phone, but you are welcome to scan my brain to see what I saw. Trust me it will be worth it, just for this one dusk….

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