Day 1 in SoCal

Great day today! swam at noon with CVMM, rode Old Topanga after a light lunch, then went to Future Track in the evening. My legs are tired, but happy!

Swimming was fun. Coach Nancy is teaching me the new stroke. I like learning new things and this wider stroke will make the pool more interesting. I’m looking forward to figuring it out and improving.

It was my first swim in the CLU pool which was built after I left TO in 2006. Beautiful pool. To bad we swim sideways in the 50 meter pool, 25 yards. Seems like a waste to me, but who am I…

Track with Bill Duley is always a pleasure. I’ve known Bill for at least 20 years now and have run with him on and off over those years, most recently 2005 x-country season. That was hard! I think 8K is too short for my willingness to deal with discomfort. I’m much happier cruising along at an enjoyable talking pace. 😉

Curious to find out how my legs feel tomorrow after the shock of 3 sports in 1 day again! Will they remember what it’s like or will they think I’m trying to kill them?

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