The Day After Double Cross

Yesterday was “Double Cross The Injuns” day. Most people celebrate this wonderful memory by eating too much stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, something green, and something very sweet for desert, apple, pumpkin or some other pie. I certainly did – although I first apologized to the native americans who gave their lives so we could live on their land. The land that Christopher Columbus discovered in 1492, that happened to have a bunch of people already living on it… Great Discovery Chrissy. By that account, Europe was discovered by me in 1972. Sure there were people there, but they mean nothing to me, hence the expression Euro-Trash. (Nothing personal Rasmus, Lisa, Hans, and the beautiful Spanish woman I met in ’84 on the beach in Alecante!)

I wanted to ride yesterday, but the swimming is killing me, or making me tired enough that I didn’t want to ride. I spent most of the day with my cousins, aunt and uncle and whatever you call my cousin’s kids. They aren’t nieces. I think they’re cousins too. That stuff is so complicated. Anyway I’m uncle Andrew, that much I know. Great day catching up and being generally mellow, except for a dog bite or two.. four to be exact. But the littlest one will be fine, at some point in the future…

Today Doc Homey showed up at the door around 0830 with his bike in hand and bag of gear over his shoulder, a few minutes later we were on our way down the street for a 2.5 hr ride along Mulholland Hwy.

It was a perfect morning for a ride, clear, calm and not too cool. We rode out to the Rock Store climb, turned around and came home. It was like old times. K and I first rode together in 1985 and probably did this or a similar ride 100 times over the years. The pace was very different today from the rides in the late 80’s, but it was just as much fun. OK, not as much fun, but some fun.

I started to hear the click in my chain again – Ah! I’ve heard this before, links coming apart. This time I had my chain tool and it was a quick fix and we were on our way again.

K is in a little better shape then me today and took pleasure in working me over a bit, as he should! I certainly took pleasure in being worked over by him. He’s a good egg!

After the ride I hopped in my car and drove over to the pool for a sunny noontime swim. My favorite. I love swimming outdoors at noon, on nice sunny days.

My legs were a little useless after the ride and were cramping on the hard intervals when I pushed off the wall too hard. I guess I need to do a better job managing my electrolytes. But all in all it was a good swim. I’m getting faster every time at the pool, even when I’m quite tired. I’m expecting to be able to do the whole workout next week. Ah! That great word “expect.” We need expectations, but they need to be realistic. Expect too much and you spend your life being disappointed. Don’t expect enough and you spend your whole life underachieving. I guess at some point I’ll talk about setting expectations. But not today!

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