Why are so many people concerned with being tough? Don’t you think being nice is far more important? Athletes after a touchdown, basket, hit, pitch, goal, staring down the opponent, people walking down the street or driving by scowling at each other, isn’t this a little ridiculous?

I’m not sure why happy, nice and playful went out of style. It happened long before the pants got ridiculously baggy and backward in some cases, but I’m not sure how long before that it happened. I just know it’s the case now and we should change it. Remember the Smiley Face? Let’s bring it back.

We are all capable of incredible things if need be, let’s make this a need.

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3 Responses to Tough

  1. suzy says:

    Love this post Andrew. You need to respect yourself before you can respect your “opponent”. A smile is a powerful thing 🙂

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