Improvement Not So Easy

Well, I’m now passed the steep part of the improvement curve. For the first few weeks, every time I got in the water I was faster and capable of swimming farther before coming apart at the seems. Not so Monday and today, I just got tired and my stroke fell apart, or got worse, depending on your perspective.

I now have a certain amount of fatigue in my shoulders and I feel quite good swimming for about 75 yards, provided I don’t go too fast, then beyond that I don’t feel so good. I have 2 more weeks of this I would imagine, before my 2 weeks break. I will be really surprised if I make another fitness and coordination jump before my break, pleasantly however.

Ankles are OK this week after track. They’ve been really uncomfortable running and afterwards since I started up in mid October. But today, pretty good. Maybe that is behind me now. Wouldn’t that be nice…

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