I don’t get gift cards!

What’s the deal with them? Why would anyone ever give a gift card? And why are the darn things are everywhere. I was at the super market earlier today and there was a whole section devoted to them – for $50 you can get a card worth $50 at random store. OMG how amazing is that?

Makes no sense. You have to go out and buy a card (giving them money upfront, that then collects interest for them) that gives you no discount, and limits were the money can be spent to the one place the card will work. I mean it’s a great marketing thing and I’m sure the CFO and share holders love them. It’s great for the business, but I would never give one, ever!

Even if you’re too lazy to come up with a gift idea, why not just give a check or cash? Is the person getting the gift too irresponsible to deal with actual money? Or are you afraid that they’ll buy something you don’t want them to?

I guess the only reason I’d give one as a present is if I couldn’t think of anything to give the person and didn’t trust the person I was giving it to – maybe they’d use the money for buying heroin or worse coffee.

I just think the whole thing is too strange. People are actually excited to get them too. Am I missing something? Someone please explain.

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