Feeling Good

Do you know what feeling good is? Do you feel good Today? Have you ever felt good? I would guess that most people don’t know what it feels like. I may not even really know for sure.

It got me to thinking. How many people really know what it feels like to feel good? Seriously. How many people train intelligently, sleep enough, rest adequately, eat and supplement appropriately, and understand the feedback their body is giving them? I’ll bet there aren’t that many.

I was at IMAZ a few weeks ago and I was amazed how many people who looked out of shape participating in the event. I understand not everybody is trying to break nine or ten hours, but still a few pounds less to carry around the run makes a huge difference, probably more than the $5,000 bike does. I’m sure they put in 100’s of hours of training the three sports, but based on the gut sizes, not too much thought about what went into their stomachs. The old adage of, “I train 4 hours a day so I can eat what I want,” is hogwash. All they had to do was look in the mirror and see they were carrying around unnecessary girth!

Can you imagine having a fancy high performance car and being too cheap to put in high octane fuel or new oil when scheduled? Probably not. Why do so many people think food is food? It’s not. If you want to have a body capable of incredible things, feed it high quality fuel. Pretty simple. The cool thing about eating well is it doesn’t feel like a diet. You can eat decent sized meals. You don’t go hungry. You just feel better, sleep better, train better, recover faster, and lastly and least important, but most fun, race faster! Not a bad combination, for something that really isn’t a sacrifice.

So go ahead, continue to do the training you are and when you’re ready to feel better and go faster – the road to feeling good really starts in the gut. I know, not what you wanted to hear, but that’s what I believe. The missing link in most training plans is nutrition, every day eating right. Sick of being sick? Eat right! It helps recovery, workouts, sleep, attitude, your immune system – really it does.

Heal the gut, detoxify the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and then you’re body’s ready to do the work necessary to TAP into your potential. Skip the first step and you will never be as good as you can be – I promise. Think about it.

All we should be striving for is being as good as we can be. Whatever that is.

I’ve had the balance right a few times in my life, which probably makes me one of the lucky ones. I can remember several days I was firing on all cylinders, great days! Let me tell you – like a 13 minute lead off the bike at a 70.3 in Monterey CA. That was a good day. I didn’t even feel like I was trying. I wish I could bottle them up and reproduce them over and over again at will. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works. The variables are always changing and you have to keep making adjustments. It’s constant fiddling. It’s also what makes it so rewarding.

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