Great Weekend of Cycling

Camel on Mulholland

Photo by Andrew Lockton

My first weekend back in Souther Cal was spent primarily on my bike. I rode with Rod Shorey and Andrew Lockton for over 4 hours on Saturday on some pretty hilly terrain until my legs were wobbly. I got dropped on the last couple of hills heading east on Mulholland from Las Virgenes. Fortunately we went by a taxi service, and I caught a ride on a one hump camel home. There was a very hairy two hump available, but I’m not that greedy.

In the evening I went to the 40th bday party of my favorite cousin with brown hair, over 5’6″, living in Southern California with two baby girls! Got to meet all her friends and see Alan’s swollen face from his surfing accident – crazy.

Sunday was the first ride with Conejo Valley Multisport Masters, and had a pretty good turn out, 13. We rode around the Conejo and up the Rock Store climb, down the slightly wet Decker into Westlake Village, with no accidents! (Nancy will be pleased to hear.) A great group! I’m looking forward to next Sunday’s ride. (Feel free to make suggestions for next Sunday) Oh, and we saw my friend the Camel again and his two hump partner in crime.

After fighting with the ceiling fan all afternoon (Karena it only took 6.5 minutes) I met up with The Kwaz, Jazz, Jill and Jordan for some BBQ in TO. Nice to visit and speak loudly with my Tri family.

Monday morning now and my legs are very tired – and I mean very! But I’m sure at some point I’ll absorb the weekend’s rides and be ready to go at it again, with a smile!

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