Getting Wet

I’ve finally been swimming enough! I’m now at the point where I don’t just get in the pool. I wander around on the pool deck for a while before talking myself into getting in the pool. It’s fun to have that feeling again, although I’m surprised it came so quickly.

Today was Fast Friday. We get to swim with fins and paddles. It’s fun to go fast. I can only imagine what it’s like for people who swim that fast all the time. Envy!

After workout we were chatting about the upcoming weekend activities and my cap flew off into the water. Bummer. I reached for it, but couldn’t quite get it, so I went looking for something longer than my arm. I found a pole in the utility room but the wind had blown it a little further away and I still couldn’t reach it. Hmm. I asked Mike to hold my hand so I could lean over the water and get my hat… and (you guessed it) I pulled us both into the water. Mike with his backpack and camera, fortunately still in it’s water proof shell. Oh my goodness, sorry Mike.

I drove home in soaking wet clothes, shoes, and hat, did a quick change and got back in the car to do some errands. What was I thinking – wet bottom the rest of the afternoon from the car seat. Those darn Hypoxic swim sets, fry my brain. I would never admit to this being a normal day….

Looking forward to a great, sunny, warm, weekend of riding.

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