Riding Saturday

Rod and I had no takers today. We were all alone as we rolled through the valley towards Canyon Country. The wind was gentle, nothing like a few weeks ago, but still head on, and we got an earlier start than normal. We were rolling by 730A.

I like this ride. It’s long, steady climbing once you get to Soledad for over 20 miles, usually with a little added wind resistance – which makes the turn around so much fun. Holding 30+ mph for 30 mins can make anyone smile, or at least any of the personalities sharing my body.

We rode out past Acton this time -only about 7 miles, but it’s such a nice area we wanted to keep going. Heidi and Bryce didn’t start with us, but they went all the way to Palmdale today. Good ride you two!

We bumped into Jaime, who we met last time we rode out there. He was with another group this time and they were having a social ride.

I feel tired writing this today and I’m sitting with bad posture on my exercise ball/chair!

A great week ahead with so many activities!

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