Saturday Feb 12th

Three of us rode out Angeles Forest HWY today – well basically out to the HWY. We only rode on it for 4 miles or so. Long day! Seven hours away from the house, and 6:40’ish in the saddle. I think roughly 110 miles. Beautiful day, and nothing I’d rather do then spend the day on my bike. OK, maybe 4 hours would have been nicer, but we will all reap the benefits from this day as we move forward into the season – or at least that’s the plan. Yes, there is/was a plan.

The wind was much more friendly than the last time we went out there. We were 30 minutes faster to Acton this time – and although we are in better shape now, it was still mostly the wind being far more kind to us.

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  1. Clinton Hollowell says:

    Thanks for a great ride!

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