Feb 13th – CVMM Sunday Ride

Another just about perfect day for a ride. We started at the Westlake Swim & Tennis club again this week which cut about 30 minutes off the route we took. The route, pretty much the same one as the rain day, except the starting and finishing point, and the upper loop.

We all got times up Rock Store climb today – Dusty broke 16 minutes! We raced down Encinal in the upper loop and the bottom of Decker in Westlake, great fun. I love going fast downhill and then trying to hold the speed as long as possible. I’m slowly getting in good enough shape to play on these descents. It makes cycling so much fun. Dusty and Sasha rode away from me at the end of the flat section, with relative ease. My skinny little legs were stinging and I had trouble pushing on the pedals anymore  – love that feeling by the way.

Thanks for coming out and see you all next weekend!

Couple of videos – first one from Mulholland just west of Las Virgenes.

Second from the top of Mulholland towards the end of the upper loop.

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