San Dimas Stage 2

Today we had a 42 mile road race. Short races are harder for me because they’re so fast. I spent all those years training to be a steady state cyclist and so many speed changes wears me out. I didn’t last too long. I knew there would be a shake up when we hit the main climb the first lap, unfortunately I was just shy of staying with the group. That first lap was so much faster than I was prepared for or capable of, but it was fun riding with 75 people, even though it was only for a short time.

I rode about 100 yards off the back for about a mile but couldn’t get any closer. Then the gap started to extend. We rolled down a hill and they were gone. I settled in with a group a few hundred yards back and rode with them rest of the way. It was actually good for me to ride with a smaller group, get in some practice.

It was hard but fun and I’m sure I’ll adapt a little and be better off for it.

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