San Dimas Stage 3

Was I tired today. When I heard at the start that all you had to make was 20 mins of the 40 min crit to count in the results, I was very pleased. I couldn’t sleep, had to change my shirt twice during the night and by morning I was pooped.

I was fine at the back of the group for the first 5 laps and then I got a little ambitious and worked my way up through the field on the slight up hill section. As we turned and I stood up to accelerate my legs seized – oh no! I did my best to recover on the downhill and stayed in, but when we got back to the uphill section I still hadn’t recovered and lost 50 yards. I thought I’d catch up on the downhill when they slowed down for the turn but I didn’t and that was it.

The good news is, I will adapt, from this weekend and from more high end efforts, just how much is the question. Looking back, I need to be just a little stronger or fitter or whatever it is that I’m missing, just a little and I’m not that 50 yards back.

As they say, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail – unfortunately I was the thumb between the two this time!

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