My Room Smells Like Neoprene

It’s been a while since I posted anything. The reason? This high end training stuff kills me. I’ve been dragging. I took an easier week last week and will again this week, so hopefully I’ll be back to my chipper playful self before too long.

Rod (the world’s strongest man) and I went for our first ocean swim in 7 years. Normally we’d meet at the north end of free Zuma and swim south, but yesterday was the first really warm day and the beginning of spring break, so the beach was packed by the time we got there at noon. We drove the length of the free part and ended up paying our $8 at the south end and swimming north. I’m not sure how far we went, seemed like the first 10 minutes we barely moved then the next ten we shot up the coast as much as a half mile. Currents make progress uneven, and my sighting is… well uneven too, let’s say.

The water was shockingly cold when I walked in and my feet got the first wave. Not too long afterwards, as I walked further out, with my shoulders and arms raised like a six year old boy, my face and hands went through a similar shock. We did get used to it though and found that we got in, in an unusually cold spot. There were plenty of warmer sections along the way.

We got pulled over by the Baywatch guys. At first I figured it must be for speeding, but they just wanted to know what we were thinking, and if this was our idea, perhaps someone else should be making the decisions for us. I told them that someone had kidnapped Rod’s snake and this was part of the ransom demand. I guess to make sure we weren’t wearing any bugs. The guards understood and drove off.

We stayed in the water for about 50 minutes, maybe a little more. Normally I’m smart enough to make sure I’m not the slowest swimmer, but I forgot that ocean swimming safety tip. Rod is however, very kind to me and even though I was about to start hating him as he swam away and abandoned me in the middle of the ocean, next thing I know I’m running into his feet again. He must have sensed it and slowed down. We are so connected!

I love open water swimming, even if I’m the slowest, but more if I’m not. I’m already looking forward to swimming in Abiquiu and Heron lakes this summer.

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  1. Clinton Hollowell says:

    Water was 54 on Sunday. I walked down to the point and was gonna swim back to tower 5 where my family was but after a few hundred yards, I decided I dont like swimming alone and got out. Then when I got home I watched a Great White program on TV and they were tagging and following Great Whites in Malibu!

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