Trail running

I was out running on Chesbro Canyon and came up on a squirrel eating something in the middle the trail about 1.5 miles in and as I got closer, it stopped chewing and just looked at me. As I ran by, less than, I would say, 8 inches away from his nose, he never moved, just watched me go by. Very strange I thought.

Then a few moments later, a rabbit jumped out from the brush or grass whatever you want to call it, in front of me and looked at me, took 2 gentle hops to the side of the trail, and again just watch me as I ran by without moving or being remotely afraid.

After I turned around and started running back, a lizard comes shooting out of the grass and runs right beside me. Literally 3 inches away from each of my footsteps and paces me for about 20 yards while looking right into my eyes, and then bolts back in the grass.

Lastly, but no less remarkable or bizarre, a coyote was walking slowly across the trail and heard me coming. I said “hey buddy how ya doing today?” and he turned to me as he moved his hind end around a little bit but his front feet stayed pretty much in the same place, just of off-center of the trail. He literally watched me run by less than a foot away from his nose. He didn’t look remotely concerned about me at all.

I was wondering if this was a real run or some sort of dream or if I was dead. Maybe animals can see me, but I wasn’t really there. The whole thing was bazaar. People were saying hi to me, or the people that I said hi to said hi to me. Maybe it was some sort of strange animal energy that I had today, and I seemed very peaceful.

Regardless of the reason, it was really quite nice to have these 4 animals trust that I was no danger to them. I am considering a name change to Snow White. What do you think?

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