The Thyroid Cure

The Thyroid Cure is now available on the Thyroid Cure store in paperback, Amazon’s Kindle version, and on Apple iBooks! Does anyone have a NOOK? Click on the icon of your choice below.

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It’s also available in selected bookstores in the U.S. If you’d like your local bookstore to carry The Thyroid Cure please direct them to Quantity Sales.


The Thyroid Cure

In The Thyroid Cure, Michelle Corey presents you with the keys to reversing your autoimmune condition. The book recounts Michelle’s personal journey, healing her own autoimmune condition, and shares her extensive and passion-driven research so that you can heal yours. She helps you recognize your unique individual biochemistry and how to adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly. She guides you to healing and wellness through optimizing your nutrition, enhancing your body’s natural detoxification, removing toxins and infections, and reducing physiological and emotional stress. Once the burdens on your system are lifted, wellness is restored and you can cultivate a vibrant, happy purposeful life. The Thyroid Cure is action-oriented. You take control of your healing process. You will discover what you can do on your own to restore your and health, and how to find and work with a practitioner if necessary. Are you prepared to do what it takes to heal? If you are ready to make the necessary changes, then The Thyroid Cure is your guidebook and personal guru to healing yourself.

What you will discover inside:

  • How to uncover the “splinters” triggering your autoimmune condition
  • How to use food as medicine to feel better fast
  • How to identify which foods you are sensitive to and make you sick
  • How to reduce stress, improve sleep and discover your unique mind-body type
  • How toxic exposure to chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals can trigger autoimmunity and how you can detox naturally
  • How chronic and “stealth” infections can trigger an autoimmune condition
  • What household and personal care products might be making you sick
  • How emotional trauma contributes to autoimmunity
  • How healing your gut is critical to your recovery
  • How to boost your body’s natural detoxification

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