HeadshotI’ve been shooting video for the last twelve years. I purchased a Canon XL-1 in the spring of 1999 and started shooting anything and everything. I liked to get things on tape and see what I could make out of it on this new editing application from Apple called Final Cut Pro. I still have the version 1 box.

I’ve since been to Cape Town to Video whales, to the Maldives for sunrises, to Stanley’s Camp for lions and elephants, to Antarctica for Penguins, to Penticton for Ironman Canada, to Nepal for skiing in the Anapurnas and Everest region, to Thousand Oaks for a junior soccer tournament and back home to Taos to shoot a workout video and edit some athlete biographies. I’ve finished documentaries on James Joyce’s Ulysses, Triumph motorcycles, Architects in Lake Tahoe, and Guns in America. I’ve produced, directed, written, edited, DP’d a variety of short subjects and ridiculously silly comedies. I’ve worked alone and with a crew. I’m here and ready to put all my experience to work on your video needs.

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