Achieving Your Goals

I just got back from the pool! Yes, I did. That’s the other goal for the week checked off.

The first swim in six years went pretty well. It always amazes me how good I feel for a few yards and how quickly I seize up. I got in and swam 20x 50 yards. The first 3×50 were straight and I felt great. Or at least until I got to about 115 yards, then I had trouble getting my arms out of the water. After that it was 1×50 at a time and I only felt descent for about 35 yards, struggling from that point to the wall.

Struggling on your first day of swimming is not at all like struggling through a set 6 or even 3 months from now. Now I don’t have the fitness to even get my heart rate up. My muscles just seize and there isn’t much I can do. The improvement curve is steep though. Next time in I will notice a big difference. I should be able to make it all the way to 40 yards before seizing up. It may not sound like that big a difference, but it’s almost 15% improvement from one workout to the next. I bet after 4 workouts of 1,000 yards I’ll be able to swim a descent 200 without having to stop. Not that that’s important to anyone…

My stroke didn’t even feel that bad. It is bad though, so obviously my feel isn’t quite there yet! Havin’ fun! YeeHaw!

I went for my second run today. Holy moly my legs are sore. Groin and quads. I ran 20 minutes again and it felt like the last 20 mins of a marathon, ouch! Next time will be easier!

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  1. Coach Nancy says:

    You will really need to get on a swim training plan come Dec 2010, it will be weird watching from the deck instead of having you drag off me on the swim sets 🙂

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